Do stars really align?

Zodiac Signs… are they true? I know that for me when I read the daily horoscopes there are days when everything is SO on point, but then there’s those times when I look at them and think what kind of bullshit is this. The way I tend to see it in my head is the whole Nature vs. Nurture theory. At least that’s how I can get over the horoscopes that don’t fit with me on certain days. But in general the definition of my sign is quite on point. I am very talkative, people do tend to gravitate toward, & traveling seems to be the one thing that fuels my soul. Can you relate to my description?…yes I know its quite vague but that is how I am as a person too I don’t commit easily & schedules make me feel constricted. Okay okay ill tell you now…I’m a Sagittarius. But when it comes to compatibility do we really believe what they say? Have you ever googled the compatibility of you and the person you liked? Let me just tell you now its a solid 50/50. I mean has it ever been wrong? Kind of its got me 5 to 4 so yes I do read what It has to say about all the ways we wouldn’t work or all the ways we would but ultimately I have dwindled it down to the specific person, because life molds us ALL & sometimes because of certain experiences we tend to close ourselves to possibilities that make us feel uncomfortable or that raise a little red flag in the back of our minds. All due to what could be a possible childhood memory or other peoples experiences. As a whole, when we see someone put their hand on a stove and get burnt we see the pain & suffering they went through so OBVIOUSLY we don’t want to do that either ( yes that was probably a harsh example) yet there are times when we are so scarred from our childhood or because we took other peoples words so literally that we tend to always have one foot out the door. Yes I have been that person before but then again I have also been the person who is left because my counterpart was too scared to trust. If your asking yourself if I had seen that on our compatibility result, YES… yes I did…but you know what I thought? “FUCK it” because at least in my mind I was trying to defy the “laws” of the stars. Was Shakespeare right about the whole Star crossed lovers? If so why am I always attracted to the men that I’m LEAST compatible with? Am I putting out the wrong kind of vibes? Well this much I know so far, 1. don’t limit your sea of fish to a pond because me being the hopeless romantic I do believe that everything is possible when love is involved & 2. Do what YOU want, Because I have family members and close friends that I shouldn’t be compatible with yet here I am loving them and they love me, like everyone we get annoyed of each other from time to time but they are there because of LOVE.

If you want to share your sign & experiences with others signs please feel free to comment your thoughts!

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