Music Hits Different

On the corner of Varsity Pl. & Kalo Pl Honolulu, HI

I don’t know if you remember those classic songs from our childhood that were clearly too explicit for young kids but we were too innocent to realize what they were talking about? How just hearing the beat of the song or the intro can just transport you to me simpler time? Yeah I think back to that a lot. We woke up in the mornings to get ready for school and on TV the was the MTV music videos passing all the hits. I used to love the song “Into You” By Fabolous Ft Ashanti, I remember being a little girl thinking “wow I want that when I’m older” and really putting my heart and soul into the parts that Ashanti sang. I look back and think about those times & how fun they would have been. Think about it! Yes yes we have clubs that have those throw back nights but I’m talking about more than just the music I’m talking about the vibe, the fashion. I mean if it wasn’t something that people actually think about we wouldn’t have those cheesy shirts that say “if it don’t feel like 90’s R&B love than I don’t want it”. There was a type of magic that still existed back then. Now if you look at it there are only a few artists that an really make us feel that zsa-zsa-zsu you know? Like there are some songs that I listen too and have me ready to get it going ( you know what I mean?!). Then there’s those songs that I can really get me longing for someone who will love me & someone I will hold it down for, like have you heard “21 Questions” by 50 cent?! that song had me prepared for life if my man was ever locked up. Talking to older cousins of mine and hearing their take on things is always so fun, people were able to get away with so much & people weren’t afraid to put themselves out there. I’d like to know when the times changed, when was the pivotal moment in the course of our music & the way we carried ourselves shifted. I’m sure there were people who struggled with insecurity but it seems like there was way less of it before. ALL in all… I feel like if would have been cool living as a teen or even an adult in a bit lesser technologically advanced time…like the late 90’s early 2000’s.

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