Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. MX

Traveling to Mexico is always a favorite. Yes it might be the fact that I am Mexican but there is something about the people, the land, its beauty. Walking up to the sound of waves crashing on the shore, walking down to breakfast & having freshly squeezed orange juice. There’s really nothing like it, everybody says Hola (hello) or Buenos Dias (Good Morning) & I don’t think people who visit really understand that they are in a third world country & these people live off of tourism. Other tourist who don’t really ever get to understand why they are so attentive & happy to serve us. There are such beautiful places (some of which I will list below). But yes Don’t get me started with the food! OH my. Yes we had the best of the homemade staple foods but then we stopped at this beautiful little Italian place that quite honestly satisfied my taste buds I was ready to pack my room up and move to Puerto Vallarta. We walked around the Down town which was beautifully decorated due to the approach of Semana Santa (the holy week). My brother whom is no stranger to traveling recommended Sayulita, Nayarit which was just a bus ride away. The ride is nothing short of action packed. The roads out there aren’t like the ones here at home, they are rough and full of pot holes & the camiones (buses) are what you would call seasoned. Overall such a fun experience. That only took an Hour & a half for less than $10.

Outside the Templo De Guadalupe, Puerto Vallarta
Open water at Playa Mismaloya
Open water “fish gazing”
Shrimp Tacos from a delicious restaurant in
Sayulita, Nayarit
Downtown Sayulita, Nayarit
on Avenida del Palmar

Overall the weather was tropical, the water clean, the food delicious & the people welcoming. I would 100% recommend jumping on a three hour flight from Tijuana to Puerto Vallarta. the best memorize don’t happen somewhere you don’t like, so visit somewhere new and just Live in the moment.

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