Purely Coincidence

October of last year I walked into a really cool store known for it’s spiritual goods & Healing services. I had gone with my Mom because she wanted to get some Reiki healing done & the girl at the counter looked at us confused because there was an appointment made for the tarot reader but the caller left no name and she thought it was us if one of us, my mom immediately looked over at me and asked if I wanted to try it and I wasn’t entirely sure about it. See I believe in a lot of things but I think more than anything I was nervous about what she would tell me, it was my first like I didn’t know what to expect so there I go popping my tarot reading cherry. So for some reason I thought it would be harder for her to read me if I had my poker face on (it really didn’t matter by the way) but anyways my reader lead me to her room and asked me the basics you know, my name & what brought me I told her, then she asked what I wanted to know specifically and I shared with her how this was my first time so an overall general reading would be best. She started shuffling her cards and soon after a card fell out of her hands and she put it aside she explained that there was a reason it fell out. She continued to shuffle and then had me part the deck, she followed by laying out cards one after an another once she was done laying them out she was looking at the cards as if they were talking to her , she started to explain how it was overall a great hand but there were somethings that I would have to do & admit before all the good could come into my life and there I was trying to keep this poker face and not let her see I was intrigued. She was vividly explaining family issues that I had not revealed to anyone, she then touched on my internal struggles and again she mentioned things that I had only thought of. Finally she started to tell me about the stuff that was holding me back, I was in disbelief. I had never had anybody leave me with my jaw on the floor she mentioned my love interest at the time and how he was holding me back and that if I didn’t do what was good & right for me I would continue to fuel his selfish ways and that would basically bite me in the ass later. She elaborated that I had to take charge and end things because I was giving up so much of myself up to be with him even though we never really had a title I was bending over backwards and jump through hoops just so that he could see how much I cared for him, as I was sitting there like HOW THE FUCK do you know this because really truly I wasn’t being honest with my friends or family about how our relationship dynamic was & in a way it was just easier to not tell them for two reasons 1. I didn’t want them to look at him differently just in case we did become serious & 2. I just didn’t want to accept the truth of which in turn would make me realize I was an idiot of accepting the way things were. She looked at me in a way a mother looks at a child when they know something is off. I could tell she felt uncomfortable telling me the next part, she warned me… she warned me that if I went along with the way things were his & my relationship as a whole would end abruptly and that it wouldn’t be pretty at all. Once she said that she continued by expressing all the happiness that would come if & when I stopped blocking my blessings. She reassured me in things that I needed that extra little push. Overall she really left an impact on me, so here we are 10 months later and I can’t stress how RIGHT she was about EVERY single little thing. When things would happen that she told me about I would brush them off like yeah that really could have been predictable you know? but finally after the VERY disturbing and scarring end to the “thing” I had going on with this person I finally credited her in my mind. I thought to myself “I should have listened to her” but when I really sit and think about it I’m glad I didn’t because then I wouldn’t have seen what she had said was all so real. I appreciate her & her insight I didn’t then but I do now & I will forever remember her as the woman who made me believe.

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