What’s it worth?

Marble statue
picture taken at the Met in NYC

When is enough, enough? How much is our happiness worth? A lot of times we tend to think that just because we are willing to put ourselves through trials and tribulations for someone that they would be willing to endure what you did, ideally that would be something we would all want but there are people who tend to find it okay & justify their Selfishness. But I feel like those selfish people are the same ones who don’t do well with boundaries and truths being told. No matter the gender or relationship status we all get used for the benefit of others & the craziest part of all of that to me is the people who tend to do the most “using” in this case tend to be the ones that are okay with putting boundaries on others but not on themselves. I’ve had my fair share of very selfish people & let me just say it wasn’t their fault that I felt the need to be there to help (trust me its something I’m working on) but I do hold them responsible for not being honest with their intensions. I was entertaining a situationship with someone I really did care for enough to buy stuff for his mothers birthday because he couldn’t afford it and I didn’t want him to feel disappointed in himself. I helped enable his childish and manipulative ways but in a sick and twisted way be both got our basic needs met, My need for being needed & wanted , his need of attention & a surrogate mother. He was always able to voice his wants and needs yet when it came to me it was one of those taboo ideas to him it was like I was teaching him quantum physics and now that I look back at the situation in many ways I can see how he would interpret it like a foreign language. They are the same people who are okay caring out open relationships because they don’t ever want to be responsible for anyone but themselves. I came across an article of how our generation of dating is a “reflection” of the story of Narcissus you know the one of the guy who saw his own reflection in water and fell in love with himself so much that it brought him to his own death. We as a society are so strung up on the idea that there is and will always be something better for us out there yet we are so blind to see that we could very well already have it yet we ignore it for the hopes that its not. So please take my word for it (I may not be an old wise sage but) PLEASE don’t stunt your growth for someone who only sees you as an option, Because look here! you should NEVER be an option you should be the first choice. DON’T ever settle for the “what if” because if they really truly cared there wouldn’t be a “what if” it would’ve already happened.

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